Ropo Capital seeks to become leading provider of invoice lifecycle services in the Nordic countries – Adelis joins as new main owner

Over the past few years, Ropo Capital has grown to become the leading Finnish provider of invoice lifecycle services. Ropo competes with its leading-edge technology and offers a customer solution that automates the entire invoice lifecycle, from delivery to ledger and receivables management and financing. The company now plans to export Finnish service expertise to other Nordic countries.

Ropo Capital has accelerated its growth particularly rapidly in the past few years and has grown to become the leading provider of invoice lifecycle services in Finland. The company currently employs some 185 industry professionals and delivers around one in every six invoices in Finland. At the main office in Kuopio are based financial professionals and a large team of software development experts.

“A seamless combination of technology and services is the foundation for our success. Our automated service model for invoicing and receivables management integrates with our customers’ invoicing processes, minimises the need for manual labour and allows for more effective monitoring,” says Artti Aurasmaa, CEO of Ropo Capital.

“Our in-house software development is a competitive advantage for Ropo. We also stand apart from the competition in other Nordic countries with our exceptional single service provider model,” Aurasmaa adds.

Automated invoice lifecycle services are in high demand. Ropo has increased its market share in sectors such as energy, healthcare and waste management. Customers of the company include Elenia, Mehiläinen and Jätekukko.

“We have systematically expanded our partnership with customers from the delivery of invoices to other services, thus increasing the share of lifecycle services of the Group’s net sales. Our growth has also been facilitated by the successful merger with Enfo Zender, which resulted in Ropo’s service model assuming its current form in early 2017,” Aurasmaa explains.

Market leader in Finland by 2020

With its new owner, Ropo seeks to build strong growth in both Finland and other Nordic countries. Ropo Capital aims to become the market leader in Finland by 2020.

“We still have plenty of room for growth in Finland, and we continuously develop our operations in order to offer more comprehensive services to our customers. One of our strengths are our reporting solutions, and we will continue to invest in their development. Another area of focus for us are financing services,” Aurasmaa lists.

“We have followed the successful growth of Ropo Capital for several years and are impressed with the company’s rise to a leading position in Finland. Ropo’s model for integrating all steps of an invoice’s lifecycle is unique in the industry, and the company has all the attributes to strengthen its position as a partner for Finnish companies, for example by expanding the financing of sales receivables. We also identify significant potential for the company in the Swedish and Norwegian markets,” says Rasmus Molander at Adelis.

Ropo’s executive management will continue in its current positions and remain as minority shareholders in the company. The transaction was concluded on Sunday, 24 February and is pending approval by competition authorities.

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Ropo Capital is a leading Finnish provider of invoice lifecycle and financial management services. We compete in the markets as a technological forerunner – our operating model is based on the advantages of digitalisation and advanced automation. More than 8,000 Finnish companies actively use our services. By 2020, we want to be the Finnish market leader in our field.

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