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Ropo Capital

Ropo Capital is the market leader in invoice lifecycle management in Finland. We serve our clients by ensuring that vital processes along the value chain of the receivables lifecycle and financial transactions are covered, from invoice delivery to sales ledger and receivables management.

Ropo has grown significantly in recent years and expanded from Finland to Sweden and Norway. We compete on the Nordic markets as a technological forerunner – our operating model is based on the advantages of digitalization, advanced automation and real time reporting. Our drive is built on a strong vision, winning culture and urge to always be better.

Our mission is to make invoicing the foundation for success by providing our clients and their customers the best possible service. Our responsibility is to secure, that invoices reach end-customers in chosen channels, payments are handled correctly, credit risk is manageable and there is high-quality customer service and payment advice available.

We believe in full transparency, data-driven processes and seamless combination of tech and high-quality service. Good client and end-customer experience is our top priority.