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Ropo Capital

When a company receives payment for the goods or service it has provided, that not only keeps the company but also the whole of society running.

Our mission is to manage corporate invoicing as a whole. Our competitors are specialised in single aspects of the process, such as payment monitoring. We take care of everything.

Due to expanding our service range to invoice delivery we are able to automate the entire invoice lifecycle. We are even stronger and more stable, but still as agile as before. Our clientele includes both small businesses and major corporations.

Our new name is Ropo. We are changing the entire industry and starting a new era in invoicing. We are the first to introduce agile business models for our customers. They contribute to minimising manual processes, accelerate cash flow and improve customer experience.

Our solutions are based on people-driven services, skilled personnel and effectively digitised processes. With our help, businesses and society can also remain strong and vital in the future.


Ropo as a company

When the winds of change start blowing, some build shelters. We see changes as opportunities and begin constructing windmills. We believe that all that is digitisable will be digitised. We also believe that the best possible outcome is achieved by utilising personal strengths and investing in developing one’s own skills.

At heart, Ropo is a tech company specialising in invoicing services that are developed with customers based on our own technology. Like most Finns, we are frank and known for keeping our promises.