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At Ropo Capital, sustainability forms an integral part of the group’s strategy and values. Our sustainability strategy centers on an inspiring working environment, responsible service delivery and a climate-friendly invoice lifecycle. We want to serve our clients with a service that is even more digital, data-driven and sustainable in all aspects.

Ropo Capital’s entire business is built on trust. We serve our clients by ensuring that vital processes along the value chain of the receivables lifecycle and financial transactions are covered, from invoice delivery to sales ledger and receivables management. To safeguard that trust and secure long-term business growth, sustainability is integrated into our overall business strategy and everyday work.

Our service and success are measured both in relation to our client and their customer, and it is reflected in our sustainability aspects. Our sustainability work centers on our clients, their customers and the Ropo team.

We also stress the importance of reducing the environmental impact of invoicing and promoting sustainable credit management. We feel that with our services we can positively influence the carbon footprint of invoicing and build up a payment culture wherein companies can sell on credit and credit is granted responsibly.

Sustainability Report 2022