Invoice delivery service

We deliver one in six invoices in Finland. We deliver invoices electronically or in paper form, in which case we also print the invoice and enclose it in an envelope. We make invoicing as easy as possible for your company.

The service adapts to the needs of the company regardless of its size and the number of invoices sent. The invoice is delivered to your customer at the right time and in the manner of their choice. Our service covers all the most commonly used modes of delivery:

  • Electronic invoicing
  • E-invoice
  • Direct payment
  • Factoring invoice
  • OmaPosti
  • E-mail invoice
  • Printing, enveloping and mailing service

Invoice materials are processed and delivered to recipients through operators’ proxy networks, via banks, or by printing, enveloping and mailing by post.

Invoice delivery is part of our ledger service ».

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Invoice delivery service

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