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Ropo Finance

Ropo financing allows you to quickly convert invoices into cash flow. Financing improves your company’s liquidity and stabilises the business. It also lets you use longer terms for payment as a competitive asset.

Financing becomes a seamless part of your invoicing. You can choose whether to finance one invoice or several invoices at once, and the whole process can be done electronically from start to finish. You can receive payments in your account even on the same day regardless of the invoice due date.

Financing contributes to faster cash flow and improves liquidity. You receive the payments immediately, and can invest more in growth and business development.

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The application is followed by an initial financing decision, which is not yet binding on either party. Information given in the application is confidential. The provider of the information assures that the information is up to date and accurate.

If the initial financing decision is positive, you will be asked for more detailed information about the company and its key figures.