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Personal services and payment advice

Our Customer Service is open on weekdays 8-20 and on Saturdays 10-15. You can get personal services and payment advice on the Ropo Online live chat and by phone. You can find the right number to call in the contact details on the invoice, payment reminder or collection letter.

If you have questions regarding the content of the invoice, the invoicing period or an invoice you have not yet received, please get in touch with your service provider.

Manage your invoices online: Ropo Online »

Ropo Capital’s payment advice service helps you with matters related to invoices and overdue payments. The fastest way to manage your payment matters is the Ropo Online service, which allows you to check the status of your invoice and pay the invoice, postpone the due date, make a payment plan and chat with our Customer Service. You can also submit a bank account number for the reimbursement of an overpayment.

You can log in to the service with online banking codes. If you manage invoices for a company, a non-profit association or another organisation, your rights are checked using Suomi.fi authorisations.

General contact information

You can contact our Customer Service via the Ropo Online live chat.

If you have a question about energy (water and electricity) bills, payment reminders and debt collection matters, you can contact us by phone at +358 9 231 504 33.

If you have a question about payment matters that are not related to energy bills, you can contact us by phone at +358 9 856 080 45.

Please always call the phone number found in your letter.