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ROPO CAPITAL: values, vision and strategy

Why we exist

In Finland, meeting ones obligations is considered a point of honour. In fact, that forms the basis for our society’s greatest competitive advantage: trust. Ropo exists so that our customers can grow profitably by focusing on their core competencies. We take care of invoicing, payment-related customer service and efficient cash flow. Our services keep the economic wheels turning and strengthen the Finnish culture of trust.

Where we are now and where we are heading

We are a challenger in traditional invoicing, receivables management, ledger and financing sectors.

In Finland, we are a major service provider – one in six invoices in Finland is delivered through us. Our services are trusted by more than 8,000 companies.

But this is only the beginning – in 2020, we want to be the Finnish market leader in invoice lifecycle services. We want to help an increasing proportion of Finnish companies and offer the best solutions in the market. We believe that services which are regarded the best in Finland are also competitive on the international market. We want to be the best in the world in reforming receivables management.

How we will get there

The boundaries of our growth are not defined by the size of the market, the actions of our competitors or the changing market, but by our ability to grow as individuals and as a team. We want to be a technological forerunner, but behind every technology there is a human.

Our strength is based on teamwork, where every Ropo employee can always count on the support of others. We believe that our competitive edge derives first and foremost from our strong and unique company culture, which we call the Circle of Trust.

Our commitment – 100 % Trust

Our business is based on trust. Our customers trust us with one of the core processes in their business – and we make sure that their invoicing works. Our company culture is also built on trust. Our core values are:

Joy of Work: Work should be a source of excitement. Our accomplishments give us genuine joy and are celebrated by all of us together.

Courage: We exist to build new – not to maintain the old. It takes courage to try out novelties and resilience to face the challenges ahead.

Thirst for knowledge: A day without learning anything new is an opportunity missed. Our interest in new solutions and bold experiments in order to develop better services will lead to continuous growth and development. This is our common goal and a fountainhead of joy.

Straight talk: We give and take feedback directly, constantly and openly. This culture of straight talk takes courage from us and our partners. We believe that it forms the most direct path to continuous learning and development.

Result orientation: We are here for our customers. Everything we do aims at serving our customers even better than we did yesterday. The drive for improvement will generate better economic results both for our customers and us. Successes form the basis for enjoyment of work and further strengthens the positive circle of trust.