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Colligent Inkasso changes name to Ropo Capital Sweden

On 4 January 2021, Colligent Inkasso AB will become Ropo Capital Sweden AB. In the future, the Ropo Capital Group will be acting under the one Ropo Capital brand throughout the Nordics.

Ropo Capital acquired the debt collector Colligent Inkasso in October 2019, followed around a year later by the information logistics company Posti Messaging Scandinavia. The new group is now taking the next step in its development by merging under the common brand Ropo Capital. This will make it a credible challenger for the position of leading provider of automated invoice management services in the Nordic region.

Ropo Capital has long been the market leader in Finland in the invoice lifecycle, which is to say customised services at every step of the invoice lifecycle, from invoice delivery to payment monitoring, reminders and debt collection.

“Our offering is unique because of our technical platform, which we developed in-house and which enables a fully automated flow throughout the entire process,” explained Rickard Westlund, CEO of Ropo Capital. “Through the acquisition of Colligent Inkasso and Posti Messaging Scandinavia, we can create the same offering for our customers in Sweden and Norway. Our goal is to be the market leader in invoice and credit management in the Nordic region, and being a common brand on all markets is a prerequisite for achieving the position we are striving for.”

The Ropo Capital brand is characterised by innovation, a new way of thinking and a desire to constantly develop and create new things.

“We are a full-service partner in invoice management,” Westlund added. “Our vision is to challenge the whole idea of invoicing by constantly developing our automated and digitised services. Through our technical platform, and with our unique, business-driven culture, we boost our customers’ satisfaction by reducing their costs and strengthening their cash flows by helping them get paid faster. This all makes us an attractive partner to large and small organisations alike.”

For more information, please contact:

Rickard Westlund, CEO, +46 70 323 0256

Jonas Ramstedt, Managing Director Sweden, +46 70 314 3737

Jenni Jantunen, Chief Brand and Communications Officer, + 358 44 756 9603


About Ropo Capital

Ropo Capital is the market leader in invoice management in Finland, covering the whole value chain of the receivables lifecycle, from invoice delivery to payment monitoring and receivables management. We compete on the Nordic markets as a technological forerunner – our operating model is based on the advantages of digitalisation and advanced automation. Headquartered in Kuopio, Finland, Ropo Capital employs approximately 370 financial specialists in Finland, Sweden and Norway and serves more than 10,000 customers from SMEs to the largest corporations. In total, Ropo Capital delivers over 170 million invoices and other documents annually. Our goal is to become the leading invoice lifecycle provider in the Nordics by 2023.