Mehiläinen uudistaa laskutustaan

Mehiläinen to revise its invoicing by transferring to Ropo Capital’s invoice lifecycle model

As a result of tendering, the nationwide provider of social and healthcare services, Mehiläinen Group, has chosen to partner with Ropo Capital in receivables lifecycle services. Mehiläinen will transfer to Ropo’s single service provider model in the summer of 2018. The customised comprehensive solution includes invoice delivery, receivables management and payment-related customer services.

The Mehiläinen Group employs roughly 14,000 healthcare professionals and serves more than a million customers a year in over 360 units across Finland. Its customers include private individuals, companies, insurance companies and public sector operators.

Previously, Mehiläinen’s invoicing and payment control processes were handled by several partners who were each in charge of a single sector. The transfer to Ropo Capital’s service model will transform the company’s invoice lifecycle management into a highly automated system.

The comprehensive solution provided for Mehiläinen includes invoice delivery, receivables management and payment advisory services. In future, all customer services related to invoices and payments will be carried out at the Ropo Capital Contact Centers in Kuopio and Porvoo.

“The advantage of our solution is that it harmonises and automates the entire invoicing process. The single service provider model is straightforward and extremely efficient – intermediate stages and manual work will be cut to a minimum, which generally results in clear cost and resource savings. At the same time, it makes the process easier to monitor,” explains Ropo Capital’s Account Director Mikko Uotinen.

“Mehiläinen is a trailblazer in its own field and an important reference for us. We have been expanding across the healthcare sector very successfully,” Uotinen continues.

The preparation phase for the Mehiläinen invoicing reform is under way and the implementation project will begin this spring. The transfer of the healthcare group to Ropo Capital’s invoice lifecycle model will take place in the summer of 2018.

Further information:
Herkko Soininen, Chief Financial Officer, Mehiläinen Oy,
Mikko Uotinen, Account Director, Ropo Capital Oy, tel. +358 40 500 4339,